Elevate Your Barbershop with Integrated Web Solutions and Advanced CRM

We blend innovative technology with the unique character of your barbershop. Dedicated to propelling your business into the digital age, we offer tailored web solutions and state-of-the-art CRM systems. Embrace the transformation and become a leader in your industry.
Barber Shop Websites - $99 per month
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Barber Shop Factory
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Barber Shop Chula Vista, CA
Barber Shops Web Design

Increase your traffic & conversions with Local SEO.

Boost Your Barbershop's Growth with High-Quality Leads and Increased Foot Traffic!

At Plaza Network, we specialize in elevating barbershops like yours with streamlined, effective marketing solutions. Our platform allows you to precisely target potential clients based on location, interests, and key demographics, ensuring every lead is a step towards a new loyal customer. With our sophisticated analytics, you’ll gain insights into which strategies drive the most bookings, helping you optimize your marketing spend. Elevate your barbershop’s online presence and turn clicks into clients. Join Plaza Network today and watch your business thrive!

Launch with Style: Pre-Designed Web Templates Tailored for Barbershops
Choose from an extensive collection of unique styles, each meticulously crafted to meet various aesthetic and functional needs. Starting your dream website has never been easier – pick a design that resonates with your vision and let us tailor it to perfection.
Starting at $99 /month

Online Payments: Simplified and Secure

Transform the way your clients engage with your Barbershop. Our robust CRM simplifies transactions and integrates a state-of-the-art scheduling system. Clients can easily book appointments and pay, all within a secure and user-friendly platform. Experience the dual convenience of scheduling and payments, ensuring a seamless and safe process from start to finish.s

User Friendly

Our CRM has an intuitive scheduling interface that allows clients to book their next appointment in a few clicks. Streamlined booking leads to satisfied customers and a busy Barbershop.

Best Support

Rely on our dedicated support team for any assistance. We're here to ensure your payment system runs smoothly.

Secure Payment

Trust in our secure payment system. With advanced encryption and fraud protection, your transactions are safe with us.

CRM-Powered Management: Streamline Your Barbershop Operations

Effortless Client Management

Transform how you engage with clients using our CRM. Automated client profiles, appointment tracking, and personalized service histories take the guesswork out of client management, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Streamlined Scheduling and Billing

Our CRM simplifies your scheduling and billing. With intuitive booking calendars and automated payment processing, you'll reduce no-shows and late payments, ensuring a smooth, steady cash flow.

Operational Insight and Growth

With real-time data at your fingertips, gain valuable insights into your business trends. Understand your clientele, refine your services, and make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

Maximized Time and Efficiency

Say goodbye to tedious admin tasks. Our CRM automates the day-to-day, from inventory management to financial reports, freeing up your time to innovate and expand your business.

Autonomous Excellence & Expansive Compatibility

Discover the power of independence combined with the potential of connection. Our CRM excels in its solo capabilities, providing a complete toolkit for your barbershop’s needs. When paired with one of 75+ compatible systems, it transforms into an even more powerful hub, syncing with various applications from appointment schedulers to advanced analytics tools. Elevate your business operations with a solution that adapts and grows with you.

All the Features Your Barbershop Needs

Empower your barbershop with essential digital tools tailored for success. Our suite offers streamlined payment processing, real-time business insights, and efficient customer management, setting the foundation for a thriving, modern business.

Payment Management

Manage all your transactions effortlessly. Our system is designed for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring a smooth financial operation for your barbershop.

Personal Dashboard
Stay on top of your business with a personalized dashboard. Track key metrics, from client bookings to revenue, and make informed decisions for growth.
Business Tracking

Monitor the pulse of your barbershop with our comprehensive tracking tools. Understand your business trends and optimize for success.

Simplified API Connectivity

Seamlessly connect your barbershop's payment system with our easy-to-use API. Enjoy compatibility with various banking services and financial tools, ensuring a smooth transaction process every time.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Expand your payment options by tapping into our extensive network of financial partners. From local banks to international payment gateways, our CRM integrates effortlessly, offering you the flexibility to cater to a diverse clientele.

Unified Payment Management Dashboard

Control all your payment operations from a single, comprehensive dashboard. Track every transaction, manage recurring payments, and view financial reports that help you make informed decisions about your barbershop's growth and services

Recurring Payments Made Effortless

Payment Intelligence

Smart insights for smarter billing. Our system intelligently manages recurring payments, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Instant Bank Pay

Offer your clients the convenience of instant bank payments. Fast, secure, and hassle-free.

Compliance built-in

Stay compliant with ease. Our system is designed to meet industry standards, giving you peace of mind.

International payouts

Expand your reach. Our system supports international payments, enabling you to grow your client base.

Ready for payments to be frustration-free?

Ready to elevate your barbershop with our hassle-free digital solutions? Let’s get started on transforming your business today. Click here to begin your journey to a more efficient, profitable future.

Transparent and Value-Driven Pricing Plans

Select the perfect package to elevate your barbershop’s presence and performance. From digital beginnings to full-scale growth, we have the tools to help you succeed. Explore your options below.

Kickstart with our Web Starter package, featuring a stylish, templated website for your barbershop, available at an affordable monthly rate with a one-time setup fee of $499 for a seamless launch.
/ month
Strengthen client connections and enhance your operational efficiency with our Web Premium package, which seamlessly marries a sophisticated website with an advanced CRM system.
/ month
Elevate your barbershop’s market presence with the Web Pro package, a comprehensive solution combining a custom website, efficient CRM, and targeted marketing strategies for unparalleled brand growth.
/ month

Your Barbershop's Best Match: Compare and Choose

One-Time Setup Fee
Free Domain Management
Professional Website Design
Mobile-Optimized Layout
Unlimited Web Hosting
Monthly Analytics Report
Appointment Management
Client Preference Tracking
Integrated Payment Processing
Automated Client Follow-Ups
Digital Marketing Strategies
Google Ads Management
Brand Reach Expansion
Advanced SEO and Content Strategy
New Client Attraction

Client story

"Tenete ergo quod si servitus quae natura liber, et aliena tua tunc impeditur. Dolebis, et turbabuntur, et invenietis, cum culpa tam dis hominibusque. Quod si tibi tantum sit propria et aliena"
John Krasinsky
Lightbulb CO-Founder

Your Website's Stunning Display on Every Device

Your barbershop’s website will shine on every screen. Our responsive design ensures an exceptional viewing experience, whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile. Enjoy a website that looks great and functions perfectly, no matter where your clients are.

Barber Shop Responsive Web Design
Seamless Integration Across Devices

Our websites are built with a responsive framework that automatically adjusts to the screen size and device used. This ensures your website's layout, images, and content look impeccable whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Unified Brand Experience

Our responsive design maintains your brand's integrity across all digital touchpoints. This consistency reinforces your barbershop's identity, making it memorable and easy for clients to engage with, regardless of their device.

Optimized Performance for Every User

We guarantee that no matter where your clients are or what device they're using, they'll enjoy a fast, responsive, and interactive experience. Our optimized design means quick load times and smooth navigation that clients will love, from the booking page to the gallery of your latest styles.

4 Step Process to Join Plaza Network

Jumpstart your journey to digital excellence. Register with Plaza Network in just a few minutes through our straightforward online form. No fuss, just a few simple steps, and you’re on board.
Select the perfect fit for your barbershop from our range of customized digital solutions. Whether you need a stunning website, comprehensive CRM, or an all-out marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered.
Activate your payment gateway with ease. Our user-friendly system supports a variety of payment methods, enabling you to begin securing bookings and processing payments without delay.
Count on our dedicated support team every step of the way. From setup queries to ongoing operational assistance, we’re here to ensure a smooth experience for you and your customers.

Web Starter

Establish your barbershop’s online presence with style using our Web Starter package. It offers a professionally tailored website with a custom template that reflects your brand. Available at an affordable monthly rate, this package also includes a one-time setup fee of $499, ensuring a perfect launch of your online platform.
Mobile Optimization

Ensure your site looks flawless on smartphones and tablets, offering an optimal browsing experience for clients on the go.

Fast Loading Times

Benefit from swift page loads, keeping visitors engaged with your content and reducing bounce rates.

SSL Security

Protect your clients' data with SSL encryption, a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client.

Web Premium

Enhance your customer relationships with our Web Premium Package. This option includes everything from the Web Starter Plan and a robust CRM system, enabling you to manage appointments, client preferences, and follow-ups easily. Streamline your operations and boost client loyalty without the extra hassle.

Client Account Management

Facilitate a personalized experience with secure client accounts, enabling easy appointment setting and service history tracking.

Automated Notifications

Keep clients informed with automated email and SMS reminders for upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows.

Insightful Analytics

Utilize our CRM analytics to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and patterns to inform business decisions.

Web Pro

Accelerate your barbershop’s growth with our all-inclusive package. Enjoy all the benefits of the Web Premium Package with the added advantage of our marketing expertise. We’ll handle your digital marketing strategies to increase your brand’s reach and attract new clients.

*Advertising budget not included.

SEO & Content Strategy

Enhance your online visibility with our tailored SEO and content strategies, driving more organic traffic to your website.

Social Media Integration

Connect with clients across all platforms with easy social media integration, expanding your reach and brand presence.

Marketing Campaign Management

Manage and track your marketing campaigns with our tools, optimizing your efforts for maximum ROI.

USD per year
.com | .net | .org | .biz
Find the perfect domain for your barbershop, online store or products.
Write the keyword that best describes your business:


Are you interested in exploring our web solutions for barbershops? Dive into our FAQs for comprehensive insights into our services. If you require more assistance or can’t find what you need, we’re just a message away – feel free to reach out for additional information.
Still have questions?
The Web Starter package is designed to establish your online presence quickly and effectively. It includes a professionally tailored website at an affordable monthly rate plus a one-time setup fee of $499. This package is perfect for all barbershops looking to launch their brand online with a custom-designed, stylish website.
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The Web Pro package is our most comprehensive offering. It includes everything from the Web Premium package plus extensive digital marketing strategies. This encompasses SEO, targeted advertising campaigns, and more to accelerate your barbershop’s growth and expand your market reach.
No, there are no hidden fees. Our packages are priced transparently: the Web Starter has a one-time setup fee of $499, and all packages have a fixed monthly rate. Should you require services or features beyond your chosen package, we’ll clearly outline and agree upon any additional costs beforehand.
Absolutely! We understand that your business needs may evolve. You can upgrade your package anytime to access more features or services that align with your growing business needs.

Ready to elevate your barbershop to the next level?

Discover how Plaza Network’s digital solutions can help. Unlock the potential to streamline your operations and engage your customers like never before. Click ‘Talk with us’ for more information and begin your journey towards success.


Unlock the full potential of your barbershop with our cutting-edge app, available
for download on both the App Store and Google Play. Here’s what you can do with just a few taps:

Effortless Scheduling: Book and manage appointments directly from your phone.
Instant Notifications: Receive real-time updates and reminders for upcoming bookings.
Client Management: Access client profiles, preferences, and service history on the go.
Performance Tracking: View daily, weekly, and monthly business performance metrics.
Mobile Payment Processing: Securely handle transactions and invoicing from anywhere.
Marketing Tools: Engage with clients through promotional campaigns and loyalty programs.

Download now to streamline your business operations, enhance client satisfaction, and quickly grow your revenue.

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